An Introduction to the Six East End Boys series

Updated: Mar 2

David Flin, author of the Six East End Boys series

“It’s an Alternate History story, and it’s set in what is more-or-less a different present?”

Pretty much. It’s the story of people in a dystopic London struggling to make something better. There are a lot of dystopic settings, and in many of them, the characters simply try to survive. This is a story where the characters try to do something about the situation that they are in.

Eight years before the start of the story, disturbances in London grew into an ultimately doomed attempt to force changes.

The central characters – Scott, Whale, Spade, Jif, Nick, and Tufty – were there then, and are now trying to sort things out.

Six East End Boys is a stand-alone story. It’s also the start of a series, with subsequent books picking up with this left off. Six East End Boys is essentially action adventure; Tales from Section D (book 2 in the series) is a spy thriller, consisting of a number of short stories set during the rebuilding of London.

The technical aspects of the spying parts of the stories are more Le Carré than Fleming. The characters are within the realms of the possible. The techniques described are those that are, or at least were, actually used. The people involved aren’t super-powered, they’re just ordinary people in an extraordinary situation, coping as best they can.

Further titles in the setting include More Tales from Section D, Apostles of Section D (trainee spies also going to school and trying to maintain a secret identity), and Reports from London (the story of a TV news studio).

The central cast changes throughout the series. It is no secret that central characters can and do die throughout the series. There’s no tension in the story if you know that everyone will survive (or that everyone will die, but that’s a less common issue).

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