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Call for Articles

He's glaring at you. You can't see it because of the spectacles, but he is.

Yes, it’s that time of an editorial reign of terror that the editor realises that they need more articles.

I’m very grateful to my regular writers who have done a great job (and my deep thanks to them), but I’m always aware of the need to spread the talent pool wider. And deeper.

What sort of articles am I looking for? Well, this is an Alternate History forum, for the reading and writing and discussion of alternate history. Which means articles relevant to that, be they about alternate history, real history, tips about writing, or indeed anything that you can see four times every week in the blog.

How do you submit an article? It couldn’t be easier.

If you are a member of this forum, you can simply PM me (user name David Flin).

If, however, you are not a member of this forum, then all you need do is sign up to register, and then you can PM me.

What could be easier?

Much of what I wanted to say here was already said [1] by the previous editor, Gary Oswald. It’s an editor thing. We get twitchy without a backlog of articles, and at the rate of 4 per week (and hoping to be able to raise this as more articles become available), I’m burning through a lot of my reserve.

What does mean? It’s quite simple. If I start running low on articles, I’ll have to start writing articles myself, and I’m reasonably sure none of us want that.

I’m looking for new articles: contact me for more details.

Comment on this announcement Here. Speak to me.


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