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Charity Call!

As war comes to Europe, there is an increasing demand for medical supplies and Humanitarian Aid. The AH community is trying several ways to raise money for those resources.

First, as seen in the graphic above, Sergeant Frosty Publications is aiming to publish a book called '"Building a Better Future." by the 21st of March.

Authors will not get paid and all money raised by book sales will go to the Red Cross for the Ukraine. If you have a story that you think will fit, please contact

As well as that, authors from Sea Lion Press are doing a sponsored writeathon on the 26th of March.

For 24 hours, they are going to write and dream together, producing a series of micro-fictions and one or two bigger pieces. We recommend a donation of £5 to £20 to participate and suggest you can also ask your friends to sponsor you.

If you would like to take part, you can email

All funds raised will be donated to the DEC's Ukraine Humanitarian Aid Appeal. And donations can be given at this just giving link. If you don't think you can contribute any writing but you would like to help anyway, you can just donate there.

Alternate History is all about the notion that seemingly small events can ripple out and have a big impact on the world, together we can be a tiny ripple, we have to believe that that matters.



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