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CROWDFUND CAMPAIGN: Worlds That Could Have Been, an AH encyclopaedia

Sea Lion Press is proud to be helping out with a very exciting project: a dual-language French-English 'encyclopaedia' of AH worlds. Worlds That Could Have Been is crowdfunding now.

A sample spread from Worlds That Could Have Been. Each volume will contain around 20 maps and the timelines that go with them.

A big chunk of the works are by @B_Munro, who is in need of no introduction when it comes to AH mapping. The two volumes each present around twenty worlds, all accompanied by their maps. As far as we know, this is the first book of its kind in the world (in our reality, at least!).

SLP is delighted to be supporting this ambitious and brilliant idea - please consider securing a copy for yourself by supporting the project on Ulule.


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