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NEW BOOKS: Look To The West volume VI, Atomic Secrets, and Hurry Up Living

Two newcomers and the latest instalment of SLP's most epic series join the stable

John A. Hopkins is new to Sea Lion Press readers, but his book Atomic Secrets has the hallmarks of a classic SLP work: a British-Nazi stalemate and Cold War, pulse-raising espionage with nuclear stakes, and richly-drawn characters. Will our hero successfully extract the German physicist prepared to risk it all?

Nicolas Vic Dupont's Hurry Up Living became a cult hit on, with its imaginative and impeccably detailed take on a modern man sent back in time to the body of a Polish officer in 1938. Can he do anything to meaningfully prevent the coming catastrophe for the world? And what will be the greater obstacle: convincing others he is telling the truth, or convincing himself he can bear this responsibility?

Tom Anderson is an author in need of no introduction, but the two million or so words contained within Look to the West so far will probably do. As the series reaches the 20th century, it also changes from scrapbook style to pure narrative. The long-brewing Pandoric War erupts, and the greatly-changed world of 1896 will never be the same again. The Death of Nations contains, as usual, maps, flags and other graphics to immerse the reader in the disastrous conflict as it unfolds, twists, and turns.

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