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NEW PAPERBACKS: The Fawsley Trilogy concludes, and Meet The New Boss comes to print

Just in time for Christmas (delivery may vary depending on location), Sea Lion Press launches three more popular classics in paperback

The final two volumes of the novelisation of Iain Bowen's smash hit Arose from out the Azure Main, Towards the Glittering Sunset and A Pellucid Twilight, are out now in paperback. The trilogy tells the story of the United Kingdom of 1980 being 'dislocated' to 1730, with huge knock-on effects. Our narrator is Norman St John-Stevas, aka Viscount Fawsley, whose wit and intellect are perfectly captured by Bowen in these volumes that chronicle twists and turns as the world continues to adjust to its new reality.

And don't forget: the first in the trilogy, Dislocated to Success, is already available in paperback.

Meanwhile, Tom Black's Meet the New Boss posits a world where a Nazi-occupied Great Britain finds itself 'liberated' by the Red Army at the end of the Second World War. Through biographies of the leaders of the Commonwealth of Great Britain, Meet the New Boss presents a reality where British communism is not home-grown or achieved through revolution, but rather a world of Soviet lackeys, Cold War realpolitik, and a lot of concrete.


This is the last of our new releases this side of Christmas, and the blog will now take a short break for the festive period. Check back in January for more articles -and more paperbacks - coming your way. Thank you to everyone who has supported Sea Lion Press this year, and we'll see you in 2023.


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