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NEW RELEASE: Alternate Tastes of London

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Today, Sea Lion Press moves into the culinary arena with our first recipe book. This brilliant and innovative spin on alternate history by Andrew Brooks and Ekaterina Odnostorontseva charts the cross-dimensional travels of two foodies looking to explore England's capital city in multiple timelines – and try whatever the local cuisine is in the world they find themselves in.

Complete with the recipes necessary to recreate the meals experienced, the book provides insights into twelve Londons, in worlds where Rome survived, or the Viking kings remained on the throne, or Lord Halifax came to an accord with Hitler, or a London that became distinctly Scottish after Victoria married the Duke of Argyll. The settings are imaginative, and the recipes delicious. We're proud to be publishing it as our last release of 2019 – make it the first book you read in 2020 by heading over to its entry in Our Books.


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