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NEW RELEASES: 10 more titles, bringing our catalogue to more than 100 books!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

After just under five years of continuous publication, today Sea Lion Press scores a century. Our catalogue, which began at just six books, now contains one hundred and eight published titles.

On one level, 100 is just a number. But, as our social media accounts go through each of our 108 books in turn, we'd like to thank all our readers and authors over the years for helping us to grow to this point. And with our new monthly publication schedule, we aren't going to be slowing down any time soon.

Speaking of our monthly schedule, we took December off to give our proofreaders a break and ended up doing the same in January. As recompense for our readers' patience, February 2020 is a bumper release, featuring ten new books.

Fans of Simon Brading's Misfit Squadron books will be delighted by the newest instalment in that series, and all five books in Simon's young adult time-travel history-altering Displacers series coming to Sea Lion Press today.

Tom Anderson's esteemed Look To The West series continues with the epic fourth volume, Cometh The Hour.... Packed with maps and additional content, Tom's radically different world reaches the mid-19th century as industry and ideology take centre stage.

In and Out of the Reich is a darkly fascinating collection of three novellas by Paul Leone, telling stories of a Nazi victory world, seventy years on. Focusing on the mundanity and inefficiencies of such a society as much as it reveals the horrors underpinning it, In and Out of the Reich's stories will move, amuse and compel you in equal measure.

In 2018, Tom Anderson and Bruno Lombardi were shortlisted for the prestigious Sidewise Award for alternate history. Their short story N'oublions Jamais was the work in question, and is now the title piece in a collection of vignettes about the First World War.

Finally, a set of stories seeking to be the opposite of tearjerkers: Sea Lion Press's first comedy collection. In Comedy Through the (P)Ages, editor David Flin has compiled an array of ribtickling tales of alternate history that put a lighter spin than usual on your counterfactual favourites.

Our usual schedule now resumes – a new tranche of books will be out next month (though don't expect ten every time). Keep an eye out for occasional one-off releases, too.

You can find all these books, and links to buy them, in Our Books.


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