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NEW RELEASES: AlloAmericana and The King's Mission

Just in time for Christmas! If you want to fill up your new Kindle with some Sea Lion Press books this Saturday, or you're looking for some Boxing Day reading, we have some treats for you.

The King's Mission sees Simon Brading's much-loved Misfits return, this time dispersed and defeated. But soon Kitty and Gwen find themselves crossing the Atlantic on secret mission to win a powerful ally Britain desperately needs. Buy now.

AlloAmericana: Myths and legends from other Americas explores folklore from the many branching realities within which what we call America could have taken shape. George Washington, loyal officer of King George? The yellow coward of Texas? Electricity discovered in very different circumstances? All this and more in a visionary collection edited by Alexander Wallace. Buy now.

It's been a great year for Sea Lion Press, and we hope to see you in the next one. However, whatever, and whenever you celebrate this winter, best wishes to you and yours.


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