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NEW RELEASES: New paperbacks on the way for Sea Lion Press

After massive popular demand, physical copies of much of the Sea Lion Press catalogue are incoming

Today we're excited to announce that the wait for more Sea Lion Press paperbacks is over. While it's always proved more complex than ebook construction and SLP's limited resources have made this a challenge, new member of the team Victoria Sautter has done sterling work helping us set up a pipeline of new physical titles and get it moving.

In the lead-up to Christmas, we'll be announcing more and more new physical books - just in time for last minute gifts! You will be able to find them listed on our paperbacks page.

The first release today, appropriately, is an anthology featuring many of our authors, about a subject from which Sea Lion Press got its name: Fight Them On The Beaches: Short Stories of Operation Sea Lion.

Far and away the most common request we receive from readers is that we release more of our books in paperback format. We're delighted that today we can begin answering that request. Check back tomorrow for more paperbacks!


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