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NEW RELEASES: The Misfit Squadron series

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

We're extremely excited to be publishing Simon Brading's acclaimed tales of an alternate Second World War and the unconventional heroes who make up Misfit Squadron in the Royal Aviator Corps.

Simon himself says "I'm very excited to have finally found a home for the Misfit Squadron and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!"

All four titles in the series so far, taking the Misfits from Kent to Murmansk and back again, are now available in Sea Lion Press ebook and paperback formats. The fifth volume can be expected for Christmas 2019.

All the books are available now from Our Books, or from the links below.


"A fun romp through a Battle of Britain scenario." - Kenneth C. Taylor

"Brading has done it. I've been converted to the steampunk world. This book was: Bloody marvellous! Bloody, bloody marvellous!" - Miranda Reads

"I loved every moment of sitting and reading and being transformed..." - Michelle Knutson

"The writing is extremely good, the plot fast-paced, tense and highly enjoyable, and none of the characters ever came across as anything less than three-dimensional and fully fleshed out." - Adam Selby-Martin

"Simon may not have the eyesight to be a fighter pilot... but when it comes to writing, he is seriously good. This book has it all; tension, romance, action, royalty, alternative history and a dashing of steampunk." - A. Glenister


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