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On Trial. Day 11

By Deputy Editor Sergeant Frosty.



One or the other.

Pictures courtesy Wikimedia Commons.



We’re getting further into the hiatus. With luck, it will be ending soon. It won't be, but we can hope.


Actually, the meat-sack Editor really hopes it will end soon. It is, according to him, inconvenient, uncomfortable, and distressing. To give an example of the tribulations he’s going through, he says that the one canteen they are allowed to use (jurors are kept isolated from everyone else in the building) makes tea using tea bags in a cardboard cup in which milk has been placed beforehand. Murder has been committed for lesser crimes. It’s a crime on a par with anything committed by Sweeney Todd. That, of course, reminded him to tell Andrew he needs a haircut.


As for me, I’m enjoying holding the reins of power. It appeals to the megalomaniac in me, and don’t we all have an inner megalomaniac? It’s great fun being a cruel and ruthless despot, as I’m sure you all aware.


Of course, the trick to being a successful despot is to not let anyone realise that’s what you are. Who could imagine that Parsley the Lion or Great Uncle Bulgaria were evil tyrants?


Talking of evil tyrants, yesterday’s challenge was about going through a portal to an alternate reality where doubtless some of you ended up as The Evil Overlord of Wherever it was. The full discussion can be found HERE, but some slow-motion edited highlights include:

FriendlyGhost said:

My wife to me: "Have you seen the children?"

Both look at the portal...

Simultaneously: "Oh no."

Ncw8 followed up on the theme with:

“The cats gone through the portal, again”

to which Friendly Ghost responded:

"The cat's come back. Oh, hang on, that's not our cat. Shall we keep this one instead?"

And Ncw8 riposted with:

“Are you sure that’s our cat? I thought ours only had four legs. And didn’t know how to drive an armoured car.”

It's been a delight seeing such exchanges.



Today’s challenge, following on from the various portal escapades of yesterday, is a simple one in three parts:


1 – Martin Padway or Harold Shea?

2 – Conan the Barbarian or Aragorn?

3 – Sherlock Holmes, Lord Peter Wimsey, or Hercule Poirot?





Discuss this HERE.





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