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On Trial. Day 5

By Deputy Editor Sergeant Frosty.



Nope. He's still away. You've still got the Snow Marine.


The meat-sack who is normally the Editor sends his regards. Specifically, he said: “What the blazes are you doing, Sergeant Frosty? Are you trying to make me look like an idiot?” Well, I think we are all agreed that no help is required in this regard.


What he meant to say was: “You’re doing a very good job. Well done everyone. Keep it up.”


Yesterday, we looked at Dave, late Mayor of Megacity One. The full discussion can be found Here. Some highlights of that discussion include:

Ncw8 regaled us with@

The Republic of Venice was the centre of a trading empire whose contacts spread not just around the Mediterranean, but also along the Silk Road to the far east. They traded not just silk and spices, but also livestock, including horses and dogs. Some of the latter, from the mysterious land of Nippon, were much prized for their intelligence and sought after by the ruling elite.

Now the leader of Venice was elected for life. The Venetians were opposed to the idea of inherited office, although many leaders tried to bypass this by nominating their sons as the next leader. Eventually laws were passed preventing this. This angered the current leader, who took revenge by nominating his pet, saying that there was nothing in the rules to prevent it. Thus it came about that a Shiba Inu was elected Doge.


Kudos to Ncw8 for that shaggy doge story.

Pete U came up with:

I did toy with idea of appointing various Hundred Acre Wood animals to cabinet positions, but it all fell apart when I realised Pooh would be caught in a honey trap pretty quickly.

It was a concept that people came up with some truly imaginative ideas. I haven't laughed so much since I invaded the Soviet Union. 




I am shocked, shocked. It has been drawn to my attention that gaming has been taking place in this establishment. Specifically Role-Playing Games. Dungeons and Dragons, that sort of thing. Well, in my youth, I’ve had dungeons – I once threw the lady who later became my wife into one (recorded Here ) but haven’t we all done that when we’ve been in love?

Don't forget the oubliette. Every villain's hideout needs good dungeons. Trust me on this.

Picture courtesy Collins English Dictionary.

And I know Pwff, who’s a dragon who keeps the young ones out of mischief. Well, technically, he gets them into mischief, but they’d get into worse mischief if they didn’t have a 50 foot long fire-breathing dragon to play with. All children should have their own dragon.

All children need a 50' fire-breathing dragon. It keeps them out of trouble. Um, could someone fact check this, please?

Picture courtesy Andrew Brooks.

I digress.


But the RPG known as Dungeons & Dragons was developed in the 1970s, and many features of the game arise from the zeitgeist of the time. The normal editor is fond of these games. It distracts from the humdrum tedium of his uneventful life.


So, just for him, today’s challenge is: What would D&D have been like if it had been developed in the 1870s rather than the 1970s; with Wells, Dickens, Conan-Doyle and the like as inspiration rather than Tolkein, Howard, and Vance.


Discuss this HERE.







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