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Ten New Titles: Phase 10 Release

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

By Sea Lion Press

Sea Lion Press is proud to unveil ten new titles, available now in ebook format.

Taking readers from outer space to war-ravaged Denmark, the new books chronicle tales of cross-Channel invasions, Franco-British Unions, and Byzantine emperors. All ten new titles are available now in the Our Books section.

Phase 10 contains:

· Beyond the Sunset by Andy Cooke

· The Surly Bonds of Earth by Tom Anderson

· When The Hurly-Burly’s Done by George Kearton

· Tales From Section D by David Flin

· Bring Me My Bow by David Flin

· The Boy In The Storm by Nick Peel

· Caesars of the Bosphorus by Tim Venning

· Fight Them On The Beaches edited by Katherine Foy

Fight Them On The Beaches may be of particular interest to existing fans of Sea Lion Press: it’s a collection of short stories by SLP authors and contributors on our forum, all looking at Operation Sea Lion, the counterfactual British invasion that gave this publishing house its name. That’s right – it’s Sea Lion does Sea Lion.

Watch this space for future updates, but for now, please enjoy our newest output.



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