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Ukraine Write-a-Thon

Sammy says: "Do your part."

There’s little I need to say about the need for this. The war in Ukraine has been going on for approaching 500 days, and every day, it seems, reveals new tragedies for the people of Ukraine.

Liberation of occupied zones is just the start. This is of Vysokopillia in September 2022.

There's reconstruction of the buildings, demining the land, and the huge need for trauma counselling in the wake of the obscenities committed by the Russian Army.

Picture courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Which is where the Ukraine Write-a-thon on Sunday 25th June comes in. Running on a Discord channel for 24 hours from 0900 on the 25th to 0900 on the 26th, this is a drop-in/drop-out collaborative writing exercise. The schedule is further down.

The way it will work is that individuals make a contribution to one of the charities donating to reconstruction of Ukraine.

I tend to use DEC . There’s a JustGiving charity link (Alternate Historians for Ukraine) set up by Lena Worwood for the Discord Channel. Thank you, Lena. Or there is whatever charity you are comfortable with. The important thing is that you make a donation to support reconstruction in Ukraine. The route that donation takes to get there isn’t so important.

How big should the donation be?

We’re suggesting £5 for unwaged, £20 for waged. This is a guideline, not a rule. If you’re feeling flush, by all means contribute more. If money is really tight, well, every little helps, so give what you can.

That handles the money side of things. The event will be running for 24 hours, with numerous panels and breaks. The Discord channel is here. It is up and running and will last for 30 days.

Come for something that intrigues you. Join in. It was a lot of fun last time.

The schedule (subject to last minute changes) is as follows. All times are UK time. Convert to wherever you happen to be.

0900-0930: Introductions and Admin (where the fire exits are, etc).

0930-1030: "What I am working on right now..." Run by Sideways.

1030-1200: Slot 1: Have a problem, solve a problem writing helpdesk. Run by David Flin.

1200-1245: Lunchtime break. General conversation.

1245-1430: Slot 2: Character Exercise. Run by monroe.

1430-1515: Afternoon Tea. General conversation.

1515-1700: Slot 3: 52 Years Since Spice World - Invent your own 2049 Run by Sideways.

1700-1800: Dinner break and general conversation.

1745-1845: Slot 4: Great Random POD Challenge. Run by Sideways.

1845-1915: After-dinner brandy and general conversation.

1915-2030: Slot 5. Elevator pitch for Sliders reboot. Come up with outlines for 22 episodes. Run by Charles EP M.

2030-2200: Down the Pub. Chat about events so far.

2200-2330: Slot 6. Minimal ACW. What if the Union wins at First Bull Run? Before the Emancipation proclamation, etc.

2330-2359: Supper and general conversation.

0000-0130: Slot 7: Cascadia: Alternate West Coasts of North America. Run by Andrew Harvey (War ot Worlds in Real Time).

0130-0200: Grazing in the kitchen to avoid hunger pangs and general conversation.

0200-0330: Slot 8: Pacific in Nature. The dominance of the Pacific Islands. Run by Andrew Harvey (War ot Worlds in Real Time).

0330-0400: First tea of the day and general conversation.

0400-0530: Slot 9: What if India was not partitioned.

0530-0600: First Breakfast and general conversation.

0600-0715: Slot 10: Sporting icons.

0715-0745: Proper Breakfast and general conversation.

0745-0900: Slot 11: Ukraine: The next Ten Years?

If you wonder why I have difficulty losing weight without getting cancer, I think the schedule gives a clue.

Take a look through the slots, and see what takes your fancy. Stump up your money to the charity bouncers, and then come and join the fun. There's plenty going on, and should be something for everyone.

No, not that sort of bouncer. Sigh. Stupid picture editors.

Picture courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

And, if you have a brilliant idea, let us know and we'll see if we can squeeze it in.

There will be a more final announcement on Friday.

Remember, start is Sunday 25th June at 0900.

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