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Ukraine Write-a-thon Report.

This took place on Sunday 25th June.

First, the important part: it raised through Lena’s Just Giving account £185 and US$223 (which, on current exchange rates, comes to US$458 or £360). That doesn’t take into account donations through other routes.

Since we didn’t have the time (or the wit) to decide on a target, we can’t say whether that represents a success or not. Still, it is £360 that wouldn’t otherwise have been donated, so that’s something.

As to the event, we were ambitious and set a very short preparation time and combined that with a long schedule (24 hours - we must have been mad). In retrospect, we should probably have gone for one or the other, but not both.

Nonetheless, there was some great activity. My personal favourite was the Spice Girls analysis of future history, which was thought provoking. I also enjoyed the discussions over Fast Leg Theory/Bodyline (delete according to which side of The Ashes you are on), and how to best turn the screw on this.

I’m sure other participants have their own favoured memories on this. I hope so, and I have every confidence they will expound in the comment section.

This was a modest success, I feel. We wouldn’t want to do something like this too often, but I do feel that if we want to make a difference in this world, this is the sort of thing that we can try again at some other time.

After all, we write about alternate histories, presents, and futures. There’s some satisfaction to be had in (shameless plug time) Building a Better Future. All proceeds from that book and Ten Years Later (review here) go to the DEC Ukraine Appeal.

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