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    Ireland is a country that is, in many ways, still defined by the British occupation and the nature of its partition and independence and so there is much room to explore how it could have evolved differently in different circumstances.What would home rule have looked like in practice? What struggles would an Ireland that won independence in the late 18th century have faced? How would Ireland have positioned itself if the Nazis had won the Second World War?In this collection, thirteen talented writers will show you glimpses of the Irelands that never existed.

    Among the Brothers by Jared Kavanagh
    One of This, One of That by Paul Hynes
    The Death of Old Ireland by Dara Boland
    The Dragon and the Lady of Uliad by Andrew J Harvey
    The Dreamer Exfiltration by Matthew Kresal
    The Last High King of Ireland by Gary Oswald
    Operation Spectre by Charles E.P Murphy
    The Phony Raven by J.A Belanger
    Irelande du Nord, Douze Points by Richard Hunter
    The Harp and the Lion by Lilith C.J. Roberts
    Sun Spotted in Ireland by Charlie Allison
    Tales from the Brothers' War by Blaise Burtulato
    Get Carson by Ian Bertram

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