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    As the nineteenth century opens, Europe is in turmoil. A foreign King sits on the throne of Spain and France is in the midst of revolution. How will the restored House of Stuart deal with the challenges which abound in Europe and the Americas?

    With slave revolts in the West Indies, a military dictator controlling France and old enemies Austria and Prussia forming an alliance there is much to concern Great Britain and British North America. Scottish troops find themselves fighting in North Africa and in Mexico: the French Foreign Legion is caught in a desperate siege in India and the Spanish Empire in South America collapses as a new Royal House takes the throne of Spain.

    As the first fifty years of the new century unfold, nationalism and the quest for democracy become major political forces. There is armed revolt in both Wales and Scotland and by 1850 the House of Stuart faces European enemies on two fronts.

    This is volume three of the House of Stuart Sequence. Volume one ("The Year of The Prince") tells the story of the successful 1745 Jacobite Uprising and volume two ("The King Shall Have His Own Again") follows the Stuart monarchy through the turbulent last half of the eighteenth century.

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