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    In 1971, strange things were afoot at the centre of the People?s Republic of China. With the Cultural Revolution still under way and Mao Zedong at the height of his power, China and the world were shocked to find late in the year that assassination and coup had been in the air, and had subsequently come crashing down in eastern Mongolia. Lin Biao, Marshall of the People?s Liberation Army, and Mao?s constitutionally designated successor was dead in a plane crash, having failed to launch a military coup against the regime he had so long served. The seizure of power, known as Project 571 ended in disaster for its plotters, and anyone who could be accused of having been involved.


    But what if their effort to bomb the Chairman?s train had succeeded?


    In Bombard the Headquarters! Steven Digena explores the possibilities of what could have happened, had ?The Great Helmsman? been assassinated in the fall of that year. What follows is clash of his lieutenants and plotters as military and political factions challenge each other for power, leadership and their own survival.

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