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    Boris Johnson is, perhaps, the most well-known 'character' among British politicians today. Once seen as a jovial buffoon with no future in high office, he sought the Mayoralty of London and, through his campaign and then his time in office, became a national figure talked about as a future PM. Widely recognised as one of the canniest minds in politics, Boris has made the most out of every opportunity - and every challenge - that has come his way.

    So, what if his rise had been different?

    In Boristopia, Tom Black begins the story with the thwarting of Boris' Mayoral ambitions. But rather than being a permanent blow, Boris soon finds that remaining in Parliament has its own advantages. His career path thus altered, he finds himself in cabinet during the Coalition, trading blows with Lib Dems and, eventually, squaring up to David Cameron himself. What follows is a rip-roaring ride on the back of power, the media, and uncontrollable blonde hair. As Boris faces off against Euroscepticism, Scottish nationalism, and parliamentary democracy itself, readers will wonder quite how far Britain will let its PMs go if they can crack a good joke.

    Also features an 'alternate ending', for fans of the absurd.

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