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    The world of "Look to the West" reaches the mid-nineteenth century. Many things are different; America never had her Revolution, though these days the Crown rather prefers things in the old colonies over the motherland, wracked by unrest and increasingly run by the working classes. This is the age of the Democratic Experiment across both the Old and New Worlds. Optical semaphore is challenged by the electric telegraph, and inventors work on the first submarines.

    But some things are inevitable. America is still politically divided, tensions rising between the slaveholding Confederation of Carolina and the northern provinces. Tensions mount in Europe over the question of German unification. Charismatic leaders lead revolts in India and West Africa. One spark in restive California ignites the Great American War. For America is not the only great power in the New World; the United Provinces of South America is drawn into the vast, bloody conflict that will reshape the world.

    And down there in the UPSA, a man named Pablo Sanchez writes of the absurdity of war and the united destiny of humanity, and finds he is making converts...

    "Look to the West Volume IV: Cometh the Hour" comes complete with over a dozen maps, flags and other graphics to accompany the story, as well as full appendices and an accompanying chronology.

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