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    Poland, 1938: A man from the future wakes up in a body which isn't his. Suddenly, he must assume a new identity if he wants to survive. Wearing a foreign skin in a foreign world, he feels like an impostor, a thief.

    And, above all, he knows. He knows what will happen. War, wanton destruction, countless cruelties... But what can he do?

    Nothing. Or perhaps something, anything to make a difference, to lessen the suffering. And so a plan is drafted. He waits, he braces himself, he gets ready. He meets many people who are famous and many who are not.

    Bit by bit, the goal becomes an obsession, the pursuit of justice justifies everything. He must hurry.

    History will change, but will it be for the better? Will he be able to prevail? And will he allow himself to live?

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