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    Ireland is a nation which has endured much over its long and storied history. But the struggles the newborn country endured when it was born in the younger years of the 20th century are obscured by the grander history of World Wars, the rise of superpowers, and the clash of ideologies. Ireland's part in these convulsions is typically on the sidelines. But what if the absence of a single man had been noted in time, a government fell, and Ireland found herself on the frontlines of the rise of fascism, the turmoil of the Second World War, and the ensuing Cold War?

    In Many A Hero Untold, Bob Mumby and David Hoggard tell a story of an Ireland at the forefront of events during the 20th century, but a country that nevertheless cuts her own unique path through them. The result is a very different Ireland than the one we know, but one which may feel eerily familiar.

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