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    "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." - The Who

    Many alternate history pieces explore Britain's fate if the United Kingdom fell to Nazi Germany. But few consider what might come afterwards. The chaos of an overextended Third Reich would not last forever. Europe would eventually be liberated. But with no staging post in the Atlantic, isolationism might take hold in the United States, and the role of 'liberator' would be played by Hitler's greatest foe - Stalin himself.

    In Meet The New Boss, Tom Black considers a world in which all this came to pass, and Britain found herself squarely in the Soviet sphere of influence. Would Britain's communist leaders be Dubčeks or Honeckers? How would the British national character respond to Soviet, not home-grown, leftism? Through biographies of the various First Secretaries of the Communist Party of the Commonwealth of Great Britain (many of whom may seem strangely familiar), a picture of this different Britain emerges that will please some readers and horrify others.

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