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    Who was the mysterious girl that danced with the Angevin Crown Prince at the Buda Castle ball, then dashed off leaving behind nothing but a high-heeled shoe? Down the mean streets of Eighteenth-Century Budapest walks Ferenc Marlowe, failed revolutionary and pioneer private detective. Hired by the Prince to find the missing girl, Marlowe finds himself caught up in a tangled web of court intrigue, dynastic conspiracies and low morals in high places. There are others in the city just as keen that the girl is never found, and Marlowe soon learns that a fairy-tale romance may not always have a happy ending.Set in an alternative-history Hungary full of religious ferment, political oppression and pre-industrial grime, One Shoe Tale breaks new ground in mashing up hard-boiled detective noire, fairy-tale pastiche, uchronic fiction and just a bit of kinky sex.

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