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    What if UKIP were given a lectern in the debates in 2010?

    That was the starting point of The Fourth Lectern. That book covered the few weeks around the alternative 2010 General Election, but what would have happened next?

    In The Fourth Lectern, the door for the UKIP surge opened in 2010, just before the General Election that year, rather than a few years after it, as in our world. The resulting Government was fragile and a new election seemed inevitable - but was it? For how long could the embattled Prime Minister eke out his time? How long would it be until the next General Election?

    And when it was to come around - well, the rules for having a lectern at the debates now seemed clear. And if another Party wanted in?

    In this full-length sequel to The Fourth Lectern, Andy Cooke continues his story of a world that - had a few ballot boxes arrived on time on a snowy December in 2007- could have been ours.

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