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    1917. The Kaiser declines to resume unrestricted submarine warfare.
    1919. France collapses into Syndicalist revolution.
    1921. Britain signs the 'Peace with Honour', formally ending the Great War.
    1925. An incident involving Welsh miners leads to a General Strike, which soon becomes the British Revolution...

    In the opening volumes of this faux-history book, scholars from another timeline come together to write a flowery and officially-sanctioned history of the Union of Britain, a socialist republic on the island of Great Britain. From its fiery birth through to bureaucratic political manoeuvres, this book spans the years 1925 to 1940. 

    Based on notes from early builds of the Hearts of Iron modification 'Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg', and penned by a former 'Kaiserreich' developer, 'The People's Flag' fleshes out the backstory of the Union of Britain, and offers speculative detail on other radically altered countries in the 'Kaiserreich' universe. 

    Lovers of 'Kaiserreich' and newcomers to the entire setting alike will love Tom Black's ('Agent Lavender', 'Zonen', 'Meet The New Boss') history book from another world.

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