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    The year is 1929 and the German republic, born out of the ashes of the First World War, looks to the future with optimism. After a turbulent beginning the republic has become the economic powerhouse of Europe once more with Berlin as the cultural centre of the continent. Many call it a golden age.

    However, the ghosts of the republic's formation refuse to be laid to rest. On the right, a jealous Prince awaits an opportunity to reign as Kaiser in a restored Empire, a Third Reich. On the left, a veteran whose views were forged in the conflict aims to fulfill the goals of the failed Communist revolutions at the end of the war. The devastation to the global economy wrought by an American stock market crash will give both men their opportunities.

    In The Red Führer: Revolution, these ambitions collide in a civil war which will tear Germany apart and leave a distorted world in its wake. A world Adolf Hitler is ready to shape in his own image.

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