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    It's the twenty-first century! Thanks to the inevitable tide of historical progress, we live in a liberal and democratic society! Except... that anonymous tide was made of real people making the decisions to work to change things. What if, starting with the Great Reform Act of 1832, they had decided otherwise?

    The Unreformed Kingdom explores a very different, yet oddly familiar, Britain of a 2015 in which you can download an app to watch public executions, many MPs still represent rotten boroughs, and your religion determines your right to vote. Along the way, we meet some surprising figures from our own world, such as Jacob Rees-Mogg, the dangerously modernising Leader of the Tory Opposition, the intellectual patrician American Ambassador George W. Bush, and Jeremiah Clarkson, the controversial Mayor of Doncaster. Will the attitudes of the past rule over this land forever, or is there hope for the cause of liberty from a very unexpected source?

    This edition includes a new appendix describing the historical background to the setting and the events leading up to the world of 2015.

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