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    The year is 1800. The French Revolutionary Wars rage across Europe but as you have never seen them before. In Paris, Jean de Lisieux, L?Administrateur of the French Latin Republic, plots to reshape the world in his own image by the dark light of perverted science. Legions of conscripts man steam-driven warships and cannons, experimental balloons, rocket batteries.


    Enemies of the state choke to death in phlogiston chambers. A network of semaphore towers ties the armies of the Republican Empire to the dictator at its heart. As Jacobin soldiers subdue Spain, the German and Italian states and Lisieux?s hand stretches as far afield as Haiti, Australia and India, can any country escape his grasp? The last hope for peace in Europe lies with the French Royalist government of Louis XVII and his Prime Minister, Napoleon Bonaparte.


    Meanwhile, the Americas too are engulfed in flames as the exilic princes of Spain attempt to hold onto their ancestral empire in Mexico, only to be confronted by the two titans of the New World, the Empire of North America and the United Provinces of South America. China, also, is consumed by civil war and Japan falls ever deeper under the domination of the Russo-Lithuanian Pacific Company and its maverick leader, Moritz Benyovsky.


    The eyes of the world are held by these grand clashes of gunpowder and steam, but in one obscure Spanish village, a little boy is growing up whose ideas will one day divide the planet in a way which no one could have predicted.


    The story of Look to the West is far from over.

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