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Tom graduated in History from the University of Leeds in 2012. Having discovered alternate history as a teenager, he made his earliest attempts at it during his first year of university. After joining, his hobby grew into a passion, and in 2015 he decided to start Sea Lion Press with fellow writers he had met through Tom also writes plays and other non-alternate history work. 


Jack was born in Barnsley in 1991, shortly after the closure of the last of the town’s coal mines. He graduated from the London School of Economics in 2012 and served for a year as an elected Sabbatical Officer for the LSE Students’ Union, which has fortunately marked the end of his political ambitions. Following a period working for a senior member of the House of Lords, he now works in public affairs. Jack lives in Southwark and his hobbies include swimming (where he was formally ranked for Yorkshire), graphic design and the works of Gilbert and Sullivan.


Edward is a freelance proofreader based in Merseyside who has been Sea Lion Press’ head proofreader since March 2016. With a keen eye for grammatical errors and an intelligent understanding of subject matter, he is able to go above and beyond the usual requirements of a proofer. He is available for freelance work, and can be contacted via


Andy manages Sea Lion Press Magazine and is a founding moderator on the Sea Lion Press Forum. He grew up in a pub, but found that to be less interesting than you might have thought.  He spent 17 interesting and enjoyable years in the RAF as an Engineering Officer, working in the Falklands, designing radar networks, teaching people to fly spacecraft, doing detailed analysis of various systems, and managing secure IT networks, before leaving in 2012 to become a freelance Project Manager and Enterprise Architect. He’s married to a very tolerant and lovely wife, with three children – one of whom is severely autistic.  He represented the RAF at Formation Skydiving and fencing, been nationally ranked at sabre, and skis for enjoyment.  He’s keenly interested in space travel, several fantasy worlds of literature, alternate history, politics, cricket, how the world fits together, and – of course – writing.


Simon Brading earned a living in quite a few ways over the years, doing things like ballet dancing, acting, modelling and voice work before finally settling on writing. He still does some acting every so often, but spends most of his days sitting at his laptop.

A Londoner most of his life, he moved to Barcelona a good few years ago now in search of a life that was less focussed on work. He runs Sea Lion Press' Instagram account.


Tom Anderson was born in Doncaster in 1984. After obtaining his degree and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge, he now works as a University Teacher and lecturer at the University of Sheffield. He has long had an interest in both history and speculative fiction writing, and when he discovered the genre of alternate history he found a way to bring these two together. Beside writing alternate history and science fiction, Tom’s hobbies include music, travel and graphic design, serving as ‘Tribute Peter Snow’ to the online community when it comes to psephological studies of election nights.


Tony Jones is a well-travelled British systems engineer, living in lovely South Wales with his equally lovely and tolerant wife and two children. He has a Ph.D. in high temperature superconductivity and spends perhaps too much time on alternate history and roleplaying games, in addition to an interest in science and science fiction. He is the author of The Plague Policeman and in addition the Monarchy World, Clive-Less World and Gurkani Alam alternate histories.


George Kearton has written two reference books about toy and model soldiers (one specifically about the Alamo) and both of these can be found by searching under his name on your local Amazon site. The House of Stuart Sequence is his first foray into alternate history though he has been an avid AH reader for many years (his first AH read was Constantine Fitzgibbons’ When the Kissing Had to Stop in the late 1960’s – still highly recommended incidentally). Now retired after a working lifetime as a fundraiser and manager in the voluntary sector he lives in Cornwall with his wife Norma and their family of gorgeous rescue cats.


Bob is a Yellowbelly, meaning he is from Lincolnshire, not a frightful coward. He graduated in Politics from the University of Lincoln in 2015, and now works as Project Manager at a translation company. He first developed an interest in alternate history in secondary school, and got a B in an Extended Project Qualification he carried out, studying whether it was feasible by 1775 for the American Revolution to be averted. His interests slowly moved forwards into the 20th century, at the same time as he developed in interest in Golden Age science fiction. He is the author of Making Murder Sound Respectable which he wrote while working on a dairy farm, and numerous other unpublished short stories and vignettes.


Chris moved to Birmingham in 2007 and liked it so much he stayed. Since then he's tried many things, from Postgraduate Education to standing for Parliament, and failed at most of them. Writing is something he intends to make a decent go at. His main published work to date is The Loud Blast That Tears The Skies, about a world where the Tunguska meteor hits Edwardian London. By day he works in the Energy industry. His main historical interest is in the postwar UK, with particular focus on the 1970s. His other interests include geology, 1990s cartridge gaming, and cartography.


Austin Ross is a lawyer by day…aspiring fiction writer by night. A native Texan, his primary historical focus areas include Post 1900 American Politics as well as Ancient history. His other literary pursuits include alternate zoology and Sci-Fi/fantasy. When he’s not doing research or writing; he can be found wrangling a pack of five very excitable dogs, and in experimenting with developing new Keto recipes in the kitchen.


Ed Thomas is the author of three major works of alternate history; The Bloody Man, Fight and Be Right and A Greater Britain, as well as numerous other short stories and vignettes. When he isn’t writing, he works as a Government Affairs professional in London.


David Wostyn is French and lives in Paris. After a long and meandering academic path that took him to Britain and back, he ended up working in public education. In the course of his studies, he developed a lifelong interest for Chinese history and civilization. One thing led to another, and he is now married to a Chinese woman. “What if?” is a question that has come to him for as long as he can remember. He eventually decided to put together his passion for China and his fondness for alternate history and see what would happen. 

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