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Announcement: Holiday Break


Fret not, it’s me that’s taking the holiday break, not the Blog.

I’ll be away for most of August, and will not really be contactable. However, editing is kind of like magic. There’s a lot of sleight of hand involved in shuffling running order; a lot of talking to get audience volunteers to write articles; a lot of keeping various tasks spinning around like plates on sticks; and, above all, looking as though I know what I’m talking about.

What does any stage magician need?

OK, a cloak. And a wand. Yes, and a hat to pull rabbits out of. But aside from those, what does a stage magician need?

That’s right: a glamorous assistant. And, like the late, great John Noakes often said: “Here’s one I prepared earlier.”

Stepping in to fill my shows while I am away (and therefore I’m counting as a glamorous assistant) will be – no, not Sergeant Frosty. He’s coming with me. No, it will be the glamorous Andy Cooke.

Andy’s done the job before, so all should be well. And if things go awry, that’ll will be down to my not having given him clear enough instructions.

All will be well, so I’ll be leaving you in Andy’s capable hands while I’m swanning about Canada.

And it could be that I get a good view.

View from the CN Tower in Toronto on the "Edgewalk". I'm being dared to try it.

Picture courtesy CN Tower.

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David Flin is editor of the anthology Ten Years Later, where all proceeds go to help build Ukraine, the author of the AH series Building Jerusalem and Six East End Boys, and the owner of Sergeant Frosty Publications. He's on holiday for most of August.


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