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EBOOK RELEASE: Al Grito De Guerra

In the penultimate of our pre-Christmas flurry of releases, Jack Knizhnik makes his SLP debut with this fiery tale of a more violent 1980s and 1990s for Mexico.

Mexico, 1988: a nation at a crossroads. A historic election pits the corrupt, authoritarian government against a popular movement for hope and change. In real life, the people lost, but spent the next twelve years working to transform their country into the vibrant democracy that it is today. But what if things had gone differently? What if a momentary flicker of madness had turned a peaceful movement into an explosive force of rage?

This debut novel by Jack Knizhnik follows a widowed, grieving idealist, a crooked, conniving politician, and a passionate, crusading journalist as they forge their paths in a very different Mexico marred by violence and repression.


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