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EBOOK RELEASE: If We'd Just Got That Penalty

Former SLP blog editor and anthology-crafter extraordinaire Gary Oswald returns as editor of this collection of sporting alternate history stories.

Not all historic drama happens on the battlefields or at the ballot box. There have always been epic stories instead focused on the drama of professional sports, and history is filled with real life reasons why.

In this anthology, you will find 12 more. Except these sporting stories are set in Alternate History settings. In these tales you will find, an independent New England playing the USA they left at Buzkashi, football continuing in London after a nuclear war, the 1952 Olympics being held in a decaying Nazi Germany, Rollerball celebrating its first 'Rollermania', and many other imaginative takes on sporting stories that never happened, but could have done.

It's available now in Our Books.


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