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EBOOK RELEASE: The Scottish Anthology

'twas the week before Christmas, and all through the publishing house, there were stirrings of new books, and a word that rhymes with house.

We love anthologies at SLP, and the esteemed Ryan A. Fleming (author of Reid in Braid) has pulled together a colourful array of stories about his homeland of Scotland.

A Scottish toast asks, “Wha’s like us?” Not even Scotland in an alternate history! Eight tales of Scotland and Scots where history diverged from our own. The divergences range from the 1200s to the 1980s, with no two stories taking place in the same timeline.

Tales of neutral Scotlands, imperial Scotlands, puppet Scotlands, and Scotland’s Scotland. Tales told from the perspective of nobles, soldiers, sportspersons, and bakers. How does Scotland fare if the Kingdom of the Isles survives? Or if a Franco-British Union emerged from World War II? Or if the worst-case-scenario of nuclear weapons in Scotland comes to pass?

The Scottish Anthology is available now.


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