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EBOOK RELEASES: Our Free And Happy Land, and Man-Made Hell: The Modern Tragedy

Two very different stories conclude our 2023 release schedule today. A dark tale of a never-ending Great War on the one hand, and an imagined long-term democratic South Africa on the other.

Charlton Cussans returns to SLP with this uplifting and detailed take on the leaders of a South Africa which rejected Apartheid and embraced democracy in the post-war era.

The 1948 General Election in South Africa determined the country’s future for the next 46 years. It marked the beginning of Apartheid, and decades of uninterrupted rule by the fascistic National Party. It took years of effort, and the sacrifice of many lives, for South Africa to become free. Our Free And Happy Land askes the question: what if the National Party had lost in 1948?


Read along as Adolph Malan fights a bitter civil war, Steve Biko engages in Cold War diplomacy, and Thabo Mbeki faces down striking coal miners, in an alternate history about a free and democratic South Africa.

Joseph Kyle is new to SLP and today we publish the first volume of his acclaimed epic Man-Made Hell.

Man-Made Hell tells the story of a world where the Great War lasts for several decades beyond the 1910s, with Volume One exploring the tragic and chaotic first two decades of this alternate Great War as the historical conflict of rivaling empires seeking glory transitions into an ideologically-driven war of attrition of radicals and reactionaries seeking little more than survival.

From the dramatic military campaigns to the political intrigue that define a conflict whose size towers above the World War One of our timeline, Man-Made Hell will provide a detailed exploration of the various key events of a 1920s where the Entente descends into civil wars against socialist revolutionaries, Germany is plagued by an earlier and more monarchist form of fascism, and trenches still scar Europe by 1929.

These are our last new releases this side of Christmas. Do check back in the new year for more books, more paperback releases, and some exciting new announcements for alternate history in 2024.


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