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Jared Kavanagh nominated for Sidewise Award

A book published by Sea Lion Press has been nominated in the long-form category of the Sidewise Awards, the annual prize for alternate history work for the year of 2019 (the awards have been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic).

Jared Kavanagh (also the editor of 'Alternate Australias') has been nominated for “Walking through Dreams,” a Sea Lion Press book about different Aboriginal societies emerging in Australia and is the first of the 'Lands of Red and Gold' Series.

Sea Lion Press would like to congratulate Jared and wish him and all the other Sidewise nominees the very best when the winners are announced in 2021.

If you want to check out what the fuss is about, Walking through Dreams is available now!

"Imagine a world where a new crop, the red yam, emerged in Australia thousands of years ago. The red yam changed societies across the continent as a new form of farming spread.

When Europeans first visit Australia’s shores, they find a land that is alien to everything they know. A land of many new cultures, of ancient cities, proud warriors, new faiths, and dangerous diseases. A land of gold and spices. A land of temptation, where the European trading companies seek to claim new wealth wherever they can find it.

This is the tale of the new cultures which emerged in changed Australia, and of the collision of cultures when Europeans arrive. A tale of commerce and would-be conquistadors. A time of challenge, where the question is whether this new land of gold will also be stained with blood."



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