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Matthew Kresal wins a Sidewise Award!

A short stories published by Sea Lion Press has won the short-form category of the Sidewise Awards, the annual prize for alternate history work for the year of 2020.

Matthew Kresal (a regular contributor to this magazine and author of 'Our Man on the Hill') won with "Moonshot" published as part of the 'Alternate Australias' Anthology.

Sea Lion Press would like to congratulate Matthew on this fantastic achievement!

We would also like to offer commiserations to fellow SLP nominees Andrew J Harvey and Jared Kavanagh who were sadly not chosen winners at this time, though it was still a fantastic achievement to be nominated.

If you want to check out the Anthology deemed to include 2 of the best 3 AH short stories of 2020, 'Alternate Australias' is available now!

"Jared Kavanagh edits a collection of short stories set in different Australias.

What if what we call Australia had become largely Dutch? Could Australia have led intervention in unexpected African conflicts? What adventures might Napoleon Bonaparte have had as he sought to colonise it before the British? Could a space programme launched from Woomera have reached the Moon? How might the Emu War have gone differently?"



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