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NEW RELEASE: Well Met By Starlight

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Tom Anderson's standalone followup to The Surly Bonds of Earth is out now.

“This day in human the day it stops being only human history!”

The year: 2139. Faster-than-light travel has saved humanity from the dwindling resources of an Earth subtly different from our own, but old rivalries have not faded.

Heinrich Adler had a promising career in the European Space Agency, before he threw it away over the death of the woman he loved thanks to the corruption of his captain.

Now he is called back toservice as the one man Admiral Walker can trust. A distant new world has been discovered, one which does not fit the Earth-clone pattern of the other colonies. Only by joining forces with the United States and ASEAN can Europe’s Magellan beat the Russians’ own long-range mission there.

But intrigue stalks the corridors of the Magellan, and Heinrich must decide whom he can trust. Because on that distant world, he—and all of humanity—is about to get a lot more than he bargained for.

“Well Met By Starlight” is set in the universe of “The Surly Bonds of Earth” (also available from Sea Lion Press) but can be read as a standalone story.


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