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NEW RELEASES: Apocalypse How?, A Nation Once Again

Sea Lion Press today publishes two new titles, both with a fiery theme present on their covers by Jack Tindale. A story of a different rising for early-20th century Ireland, or a selection of apocalyptic tales of armageddons, ragnaroks and judgment days - whether either or both take your fancy, they are available now.

A Nation Once Again by George Kearton sets out a different path for an Irish Uprising during The Great War. With heavy German support and a string of British errors, the 20th century is forever altered as Ireland emerges independent quite differently to our timeline.

Penned as the first of a trilogy, A Nation Once Again is published posthumously as George Kearton's final work after his loss this year.

Tales of the End of the World is edited by Jared Kavanagh. The apocalypse may come in the future, but what apocalypses might have occurred if history had played out differently? What if nukes had flown during the Cuban Missile Crisis? What if an asteroid had been on a collision course with Earth before the first person could set foot on the Moon? What if humanity destroyed itself through endless litigation and growing bureaucracy?

All these stories and more, from an esteemed array of contributors, are available now in this world-endingly good anthology.

Both these titles are available in Our Books now.


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