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NEW RELEASES: I Won't Go To Mars (Or Dance In Strangers' Cars), and an LGBT+ anthology

Just in time for Christmas, we are pleased to announce two new ebooks - the first of a few new releases we're making across this festive period.

I Won't Go To Mars (Or Dance In Strangers' Cars) is the SLP debut from Monroe S. Templeton, whose works have appeared in our anthologies in the past. As they prepare to host a party to celebrate the upcoming landing on Mars, Izzy and Nicola are a relationship that isn't going as steady as it appears. But Izzy has a condition – an ability to leap into her parallel selves. Will this let her escape heartbreak, or only defer her pain?

Pride and Points of Divergence is an anthology of LGBT+ alternate history edited by SLP returnee Lilith Roberts. What if the UK Gender Recognition Act had been successfully reformed? What if Weimar Germany became a world leader in LGBT+ rights under the influence of the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft? What if a more successful Reconstruction allowed the United States to become the free and equal society that was promised? This anthology brings together fourteen genre-busting stories from eleven talented LGBT+ authors, asking – what if LGBT+ History had gone differently?

As above, more releases will be coming your way in the run-up to Christmas Day. But while we have your attention...

More alternative marketplaces

Once again, you asked and we listened. Almost all* our titles are now available on non-Amazon marketplaces including Apple, Barnes & Noble, Rakuten Kobo, Smashwords, Overdrive and more. You'll find links to other retailers on book pages in the Our Books catalogue.

*At author request, some books take advantage of exclusivity deals which limit their availability to Amazon.

Discuss these new releases here.


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