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NEW RELEASES: Look to the West returns as McCarthy goes red and revolution reigns

Sea Lion Press is proud to announce the publication of three new books.

Grapeshot and Guillotines is the latest of Sea Lion Press' short story collections, this time themed around revolutions that never were. Editor Gary Oswald has compiled an excellent and challenging array of work chronicling would-have-been rebellion and radicalism, with stories about China, Canada, Trinidad and more.

Joe McCarthy, communist agent? It's one of the more outlandish premises in the Sea Lion Press stable, but newcomer Matthew Kresal delivers a tale full of twists and turns in Our Man on the Hill.

Finally, Tom Anderson's powerhouse Look to the West series continues with its fifth volume. To Dream Again brings the action into the late 19th century of Anderson's layered and comprehensive world history. The calm before the coming storm makes for rich and deep historical storytelling.


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