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NEW RELEASES: Ruimtewedloop, The Red Führer: Revolution, Drake's Drum: Currents of Fate

The rumours are true - we've launched three new titles!

Eagle-eyed Sea Lion Press fans have taken to social media to point out new titles in our stable, despite no formal announcement. Some technical issues with publishers were to blame, but with those resolved, we're thrilled to announce three fantastic new books, available now.

Ruimtewedloop by Charlton Cussans charts the consequences of faster-than-light travel on the Commonwealth of Humanity. Enjoy this imaginative page-turner from Cussans, a newcomer to the SLP stable.

Paul Hynes' The Red Führer series continues with Revolution. 1929 dawns on a German republic that's upbeat and celebrating a golden age. When Wall Street crashes, the far left - led by Adolf Hitler - and the right - led by a jealous would-be Kaiser, both seek to seize the moment.

Drake's Drum has rightly been a hugely successful series - its third instalment, Currents of Fate, is available now. From the pen of the acclaimed Nicholas Sumner, the next stage of the story sees the dawn of the nuclear age and the continuation of the most terrible conflict the world has ever known.


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