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On Trial. Day 3.

By Deputy Editor Sergeant Frosty

Trust me, it's not loaded.

The Editor is still away on Jury Service. Apparently the lift in the Court says in a cheerful tone: “Going Down”, which must be disconcerting for the accused. Not that the accused would know, because the Jurors are kept separate from everyone else, and so this is a lift for the sole use of Jurors.


He’s away, so I’m still in charge. Today, control of a blog on the Interweb thing; tomorrow – who knows. Maybe first Snow Marine on the Moon, maybe President of Pangea. All sorts of possibilities.


The meat-snack you know as the Editor told me to tell you that he’s a bit concerned at the direction I’m taking this magazine slot in. That’s what he told me to tell you. What I’m actually telling you is that it’s brilliant when you lot get involved. Play nice, and I’ll make sure it snows at Christmas. Even for those of you who live south of the Equator.


Yesterday I asked you to discuss the war poets, based on the premise that the Pen is Mightier than the Sword. Here’s what a few of you said:

Pete U was inspired to verse:

In truth I know what you are thinking punk

Did I quote twelve or fourteen lines of prose

In all that's true and fair, my rhyming stunk

And in this noise and chaos, no-one knows

Myself, confused by chase, cannot recall

How far into my verse I had declaimed

But words are weapons and so I must call

My polite challenge to you thusly framed

I use the style of Shakespeare's great writing

And ape a magnum force of words just so

Though fewer lines are quite inviting

This is the most powerful that I know

So finally, I make enquiry true

Do you feel fortunate young punk? Do you?

This in turn inspired Ncw8, who riposted

Feeling Lucky Punk?

Was that seven syllables,

Or was it just five ?


AndyC referenced the Writers Block Act, and in all, people went to town on the idea. Well done, everyone. 


The full discussion can be found HERE.




Today is a new day, and a new day brings a new challenge.


St Patrick famously ejected all the snakes from Ireland, and is regarded with trepidation among the snake fraternity.


Australia is famously home to some of the most lethal snakes in the world and, as a consequence, Australia has only produced one saint (Mary MacKiillop, once excommunicated for exposing child sex abuse by Catholic clergy).


St Patrick goes to Australia (possibly played by Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Once I was the Terminator. Now I am the ex-Terminator.” Saint versus snakes. Who wins?

In the green corner, St Patrick, defeater of Snakes; in the dusty brown corner, Australia's Mulga snake, with the largest venom output of any snake in the world.

Pictures courtesy Catholic Saint Medals (St Patrick) and Australian Geographic (Mulga snake).

Discuss the possibilities HERE.



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