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On Trial. Day 9

By Deputy Editor Sergeant Frosty.

"Houston, we have a problem."

Picture courtesy Wikimedia Commons.


You lot have got used to this, I can tell. It’s amazing how quickly a new routine can become a habit, and how quickly a habit becomes a tradition.


Tradition. It’s what we have when we do things without having any real idea why we’re doing it. It’s why people roll eggs down a hill or put up mistletoe at Christmas or don your left sock before your right.


We’ll be looking into traditions in a little while. But first, as is traditional, we look at yesterday’s challenge. As you will recall, yesterday’s challenge involved working out which customs from the Ancient Olympic Games could be usefully transferred to the Modern Olympics. The full discussion can be found HERE. Among some of those ideas were these:

Stateless suggested:

Having the games always held at Olympia would prevent us from enjoying all the intrigues around bids, but I think it would also preclude much of the investment in the Games. Other cities might make their own Games to try and improve on Olympia's offering, especially to introduce competition for sports overlooked by Olympia. Who would introduce football first? The Paris Games (London would be above it)?

While AndyC commented on the possibility of:

Sacrificing 100 oxen on the middle weekend might be seen as an amusing idiosyncracy.

FriendlyGhost said:

I wonder what the modern equivalent of the Hoplitodromos would be: infantrymen running a few laps round the stadium in full 'yomp' kit? (My money's on the Royal Marines doing well here...)

to which Stateless added:

Always did feel the field gun competition at the Royal Tournament should be an Olympic sport.

Good to see people getting into the swing of things. 




Today’s challenge, as I intimated, is about traditions. The concept or outline of an idea I had was for you lot to come up with ideas for Alternate Traditions. Religious, national, international, whatever. Something that someone, somewhere might be able to use as local colour. Collaboratively or individually, either works.

In OTL, it's traditional to kiss beneath a poisonous, parasitic plant at Christmas. Maybe that says something about romantic love in OTL.

Picture courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Discuss this HERE.


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