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PAPERBACK RELEASE: Drake's Drum: The Reckoning

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

By the spring of 1946, war raged again across the globe. Britain was drawn inexorably into the maw of the conflict, but her leaders knew that another war, where the country would once more have no choice but to use up its accumulated capital, would inevitably see it become the dependent of another power.

But the fight did not progress as expected and nor did the fortunes of any of the belligerents.

Drake’s Drum: The Reckoning is the second part of a three book series that recounts an immersive, thoroughly researched alternate timeline where politics, conflict and the history of the 20th Century turn out very differently from what we know.

Nick Sumner's bestseller and acclaimed 5-star Second World War epic has come to paperback at last. Buy it now.


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