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War of the Worlds in Real Time.

HMS Thunder Child meets Martians.

Picture courtesy Wikimedia commons.

A drama 126 years old presented through modern means of communication, including Twitter and the Internet. Authors: Michael Cnudde, Andrew J. Harvey, Leonie Rogers, Ken Vickery, and H.G. Wells.

June 1897 was a time of great technological and social upheaval. The British Empire bestrode the world like a Colossus, from the icy wastes to the desert sands, from the mountains of the roof of the world to isolated islands in wind-swept seas.

Change was coming. Political, social, cultural. And Britain was, to all intents and purposes, Master of the Globe.

Then came the Martian invasion, disrupting everything.

The War of the Worlds in Real Time will tell the story of that crucial month in June 1897, recreated through diaries, newspapers, and photographs of the time, with the assistance of HG Wells’ seminal record (The War of the Worlds).

The Shape of Things To Come.

You can follow the drama throughout the month of June 2023, tweet by tweet [1] or post by post [2].

The modern authors – Cnudde, Harvey, Rogers, and Vickery – have added additional characters to the world of HG Wells, enabling a deeper dive into the times, mores, customs, and technologies of 1897. Some of the additional characters include: Antoinette Louise Clark (one of the first female medical students of her era); the notorious Breaker Morant; Lieutenant Dullanty, an officer in the Coldstream Guards; and Lieutenant Carver from HMS Thunder Child.

War of the Worlds, in real time. It should be an experience.

[1]. Tweet link. (@1897WotW)

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