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NEW RELEASE: How to write Alternate History

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Sea Lion Press

The core of Alternate History is one where all the questions of “What If?” are addressed. But there’s one What If question that hasn’t been addressed.

“What if I decided to write an Alternate History book? How would I go about that?” That has been a question without an answer.

Drawing upon the articles and books of, David Flin explains and illustrates the conventions of Alternate History, story types, hard or strong Alternate History, selection of PoDs, world-building, deriving consequences, and gives writing hints.

With articles from Tom Anderson, Andy Cooke, Paul Hynes, and Alex Richards to go with David Flin's own articles, and with excerpts from Nick Peel's "The Boy In The Storm", David Flin's "The Return of King Arthur and other alternate myths", Nicholas Sumner's "Drake's Drum: The Peace of Amiens", and Tim Venning's "Caesars of the Bosphorus", this book is an essential aid for all Alternate History writers.

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