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On Trial. Day 13

By Deputy Editor Sergeant Frosty.

He's depressed. Cheer him up.



You know how it is when you’re reading a story to your young ones, only to discover that (a) they’re not so young anymore, (b) they’re more interested in telling a story than listening to one, (c) does that mean you’re getting old?, and (d) should you be thinking of getting some more young ones so you can keep telling bedtime stories?


You know that feeling, right?


Well, if you start feeling that way, stop it. Just tell yourself that just because the youngest aren’t that far off high school (well, in old man’s terms. Just turned 8), they’re still young enough to be told bedtime stories.


Whether they like it or not.


You possibly want to know how the case the meat-sack Editor is involved in is going. He can’t tell you any details, but the case is still ongoing. Mr Grumpy has become Mr Very Grumpy.


That means I need something to cheer him up, and I know he likes WWI, so that’s what today’s challenge will be about. But first, yesterday’s challenge. That was asking for your opinions on who is the second greatest sportsman of all time.


The full discussion can be found HERE, but elements from the slow-motion action replay include:

Gary Oswald, putting in a word for

Jahangir Khan. 555 consecutive wins in Squash.

FriendlyGhost added:

How about some of those who did different sports at international level, such as Eric Liddell (of Chariots of Fire fame, who won multiple international caps for rugby union as well as Olympic (and other) medals for sprinting)?



In 1919, in order to ensure the Great War was indeed The War To End All Wars, the United States of Europe were formed.


The logic was that wars were fought between belligerent nations, and if there was just one nation in Europe, there could be no wars in Europe because there would be no-one to go to war with.


The logic was born in 1919. The reality of the United States of Europe didn’t come into first being until 1928. When it did happen, it worked – after a fashion. There were still colonial issues and wars outside Europe and internal protests; but Europe avoided any major wars.

Flag of United States of Europe (1930). It deserves to die.

Picture courtesy Wikipedia.

The logical flaw in the set up came to fruition in 1968, the Year of Troubles. This was when Civil broke out between what was called the “Confederacy of the South” and the “Northern Union”.

What started the USoE. Tyne Cot, just one of many.

Picture courtesy Commonwealth Graves Commission.

Discuss the issues surrounding this Civil War. Why did it start? What happened? And how did post-Civil War Europe look?


Discuss this HERE.





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