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On Trial. Day 14

By Deputy Editor Sergeant Frosty.


Returning soon.


This will be the last entry in this little interlude, and normal service will be resumed on Monday. However, the meat-sack Editor isn’t yet finished with the case he’s on. That’s still ongoing.


Mind you, you might end up with an article on how the UK court system works from the viewpoint of a juror – maybe a rural juror – if there is interest. After all, it was only a couple of weeks ago in one of the discussions on the forum there was a discussion comparing the US and UK court systems.


I need to end my brief sojourn filling in for the meat-sack. I’ve been really pleased at how people have risen to these challenges. It’s been rewarding to see this. As Ncw8 said earlier, like a Parliament of Owls, it’s been a hoot. It is, however, coming to an end. You’ve been a lovely audience and it’s been a pleasure.


Yesterday, the challenge was to explain the European Civil War that damaged the United States of Europe, and the full discussion can be found Here.




Today’s challenge is the final challenge. It’s been a fun little break from the normal blog, but after this it will be time to get back to the usual routine and out of holiday mode. I trust that this level of audience participation will continue with the real blog.


Nominative Determinism. That’s the theme of this final challenge. Authors often spend a surprisingly long time getting the name just right for their fictional characters. You wouldn’t associate Jim Clark with being a deep philosophical thinker from an aristocratic background, nor would one associate Felicity Prowse-Crawley with a Cockney parlourmaid. The name has to fit. Authors (well, the meat-sack Editor, at least) spend ages trying to get just the right name to fit the intended character.


I started to wonder: does it work in reverse? If one has the name, can we identify what sort of person they are? Indeed, can we give them an AH thumbnail derived solely from their name? David Flin, for example, sounds to me like a minor Democrat politician from Boston, New Hampshire who is a “Plastic Paddy” – something of a nerd, smoked marijuana but never inhaled, who is reasonably effective at getting the Irish vote out, but far too wishy-washy to get any further.


Let’s find out. I’ll give some names (some of which may be of real people), and we can try and find AH roles for them based solely on their name.


The names are:


Colin Ashmore

Mike Asquino

Hilary Balance

Fallon Carter

Anelise Dodds

Trevor Harley

Junior Isles

Stephanie Lowmass

Marion Marshall

Jonathon Marshall-Potter

Catherine McCarthy

Marie McKissock

Pietr Pauls

Phil Pearce

Wayne Ramsay

Nayomini Ratnayake

Reginald Roy

Marion Stokes

Janet Vialls

Jan Weismann


And let’s see how far Nominative Determinism takes us. Pick any that strikes a chord with you, and lets see some imagination at play.

Who, where, when, and what did they later do?


And that, I am afraid, is the last piece of hiatus filler, apart from any comments you might have. Take the opportunity, for normal service resumes on Monday.



Discuss this article Here, and Buy SLP books and Sergeant Frosty books.




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